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Who are the Puget Sound Phone Guys?

Neil St Pierre began working for AT&T in Denver and was part of the team developing the Merlin telephone system. He has worked with the Avaya small business systems since their development. In some circles Neil is known as "Merlin." Neil is arguably one of the best programmers in Puget Sound of Merlin, Legend, Magix, and Partner telephone systems.

In the mid 1980s Sears computer services started selling AT&T small business telephone systems. Sears hired Neil as the Puget Sound Sears Computer Services technical sales expert. Sales of the Merlin, Spirit, and Partner product lines were very successful in the Puget Sound Sears stores. However, Sears was not successful with this line on a national basis and closed down the AT&T small business systems sales division in 1992. At that time Neil started Telesources Unlimited to service these former Sears customers. Neil continues to service these customers today.

In 1998 Telesources Unlimited began selling and maintaining our current favorite family of telephone systems for small businesses- the award winning “(esi).” Neil was the first distributor of (esi) systems in the Puget Sound area.

Terry Hendrickson worked for Pacific Northwest Bell as a PBX technician, installing and servicing AT&T telephone systems in the Seattle area.

In 1985 Terry started RT Communications, a company that serviced telephone systems and installed structured voice/data cable systems. Sears became an RT account, with RT installing all the systems that Sears sold in the Puget Sound area. RT was a successful company, employing some 30 employees. Unfortunately RT fell victim to the pressures of the go-go period of the 1990's, ultimately becoming part of Xeta Technologies out of Tulsa, OK. This was devastating to most of the employees and the local customers of RT Communications. For this Terry is truly sorry.

In the fall of 2004, Neil St Pierre and Terry Hendrickson joined forces and formed The Puget Sound Phone Guys, a company that specializes in telephone systems for small businesses. We realize that changes in the telephone industry have eliminated service options for the Avaya phone systems of many small businesses. Our objective is to keep your existing Avaya, Lucent, or AT&T phone system working for you. In addition, we are an authorized dealer of ESI IVX “All-In-One” telephone systems. What we offer is years of experience in project management, installing and maintaining Avaya telephone systems, a deep understanding of the telephone industry and a promise to stay focused on the communication needs of the small to medium sized business owner.

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