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September 2005


Welcome to our newsletter. We are a small business specializing in providing new and refurbished, telephone and voicemail equipment to other small and medium businesses with AT&T, Lucent and Avaya telephone systems.

This newsletter is a vehicle to communicate with our current and potential customers; providing updates on new features and developments from the system manufacturers. We are already developing future columns. Among other topics, our next issue will feature: “Neil’s Programming Tips.”

We want our customers to know both us and our products better. The more you know about your system the better it will work for you. The more you know about us, the more confident you will be in our ability to provide you with quality service. And frankly, we want your business.

Thank You,

Terry Hendrickson


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Your Old Voice Mail Will Die

There is a reason so many companies have kept that old Audix, Octel, Active Voice, or what have you in service for all those years. It doesn't usually have to do with nostalgia for the days before Unified Messaging, or a love of antique technology. It's a case of dollars and cents. "If it's working, why pay to replace it?" For many organizations, that's fine - until that dark morning when you hear "The voice mail system is down again," and this time you can't revive it.

There are ways to soften the blow or even avoid it altogether. Of course the best way to make sure you don't get that unpleasant call is to address the problem before the system breaks. This might involve proactively replacing hard drives, or laying in a spare voice board or two. Even if the system is still supported by the manufacturer, (and many -for example older Audix - are not), this approach may be cost prohibitive. This is especially true if your Right to Use (RTU) agreement is not exactly Kosher in the eyes of Avaya... [read more]

ESI receives Internet Telephony Magazine's "Product of the Year" award for 2004

ESI, a leading manufacturer of business telephone systems, has announced that Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC)'s Internet Telephony Magazine has named ESI's VIP unified communications product as a recipient of a 2004 Product of the Year Award.

"With the introduction of VIP, ESI made it possible for nearly any business to have the advantages of unified messaging, computer- enhanced call control, and superior contact management in concert with ESI's popular phone systems. We're pleased to accept this award from Internet Telephony for our superior VIP application,” said Doug Boyd, ESI's president and chief operating officer... [read more]


Who are the Puget Sound Phone Guys?

Neil St Pierre began working for AT&T in Denver and was part of the team developing the Merlin telephone system. He has worked with the Avaya small business systems since their development. In some circles Neil is known as "Merlin." Neil is arguably one of the best programmers in Puget Sound of Merlin, Legend, Magix, and Partner telephone systems... [read more]

Terry Hendrickson worked for Pacific Northwest Bell as a PBX technician, installing and servicing AT&T telephone systems in the Seattle area. In 1985 Terry started RT Communications, a company that serviced telephone systems and installed structured voice/data cable systems. Sears became an RT account, with RT installing all the systems that Sears sold in the Puget Sound area. RT was a successful company, employing some 30 employees... [read more]


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